Who we are

The Bulgarian Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis Association is a non-profit legal entity pursuing activities for public benefit. It has been established in the beginning of 2012 by people diagnosed with the Crohn’s disease, led by their willingness to stand up against the Inflammatory Bowel Diseases and improve the quality of life of people living with such diseases in Bulgaria.

Despite its relatively young age, the association has already been recognized by doctors, patients, pharmaceutical companies and the general public as the organization representing and protecting the rights of people diagnosed with Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis in Bulgaria.

What do we do?

We establish and support the establishment and maintenance of constant dialogue between the people living with inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) in Bulgaria and the relevant authorities in the Republic of Bulgaria with respect to the mentioned diseases /Ministry of Health, Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, National Health Insurance Fund, the Bulgarian Drug Agency, the National expert doctors’ Committee, etc./;

We carry information campaigns and distribute brochures, leaflets and other informative materials aimed at increasing the knowledge of GPs and raising the awareness among the general public on the problems people living with IBD face;

We support the realisation of scientific studies in the realm of IBD;

We organize initiatives and support groups for exchange and sharing of information and knowledge about the diseases and their treatment;

We maintain contacts and cooperate with specialized organizations with regards to exchange of information in the sphere of IBD;

We organize scientific meetings, symposiums, congresses, conferences and we sponsor publications in the area of diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of IBD;

We establish and maintain contacts with similar organisations in other countries for the purpose of knowledge exchange, work on joint projects for the benefit of our members, as well as for the protection of the rights of the people living with IBD.